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Here’s what some of our Fort Mill, SC customers are saying about us:

Great service- really friendly staff. Pulled in for help and they went above and beyond for me!

Jenny Ruane Google Review

Fantastic service, very friendly, all around great place.

A Google User Google Review

These are the fastest, friendliest, and most knowledgeable folks in SC!!

Katharin Powers Google Review

Can't say enough good things about this place. Quick service, very upfront and honest technicians. Suggested waiting on a service I requested since an upcoming service would repeat the same task. This place is worth it.

Josh Flowers Google Review

Hard to trust any mechanic, as there is ahead something else wrong with your car, then you took it in for...... But, this place is as honest as if seen. Good people.

Wade Shields Google Review

The service is exceptional and the staff is courteous and very helpful.

I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Shell Rapid Lube to all my business partners.

See you guys in 3k.

Josh Molina Google Review

It is often hard to fine good, reasonably priced and honest mechanics. This place demonstrates all these characteristics!!!

Scott Reinhardt Google Review

Best shop around in Fort Mill from tires to auto repair.Very polite and family run,they will go the extra mile to make you feel like family.THANKS


My family and I take all my cars to Jim and his great staff. He is honest and the work they do is quick and professionally done. From oil changes to maintenance and repair. They can do it all. His facility is top notch and spotless. I highly recommend the Fort Mill Shell Rapid Lube to everyone.

Keith Atkisson Google Review

5 Stars!

Amber Cartrette Google Review

5 Stars!

Latorrance Singetary Google Review

We had our battery replaced by Shell Rapid Lube a few months back. Yesterday I went to start my truck and the battery was dead. I called and spoke with Jim and explained the problem; he said to bring it right in. Jim said it might be the alternator but will check the battery for a bad cell, and if a bad cell will swap it out.
When we pulled up we were given red carpet service; Jim and four other mechanics were under the hood immediately diagnosing the problem. Within 15 - 20 minutes we had a new battery clamp and terminal connector with easy going conversation. Jim and the guys also checked the alternator to ensure it was working properly.
When the guys were finished, I.said 'how much?' Jim said 'have a good day and be safe.'
What I thought was going to easily be a $300+ day, and could have been if trusted with the wrong group, turned out to be good southern conversation with my truck being fixed at no charge.
BUT this was not our first time being treated like royalty. A few months back we took our truck up there to be washed. After going through the carwash one of the mechanics asked us to pull up front so he could spray the hood of the truck off since there was some residual soap on it.
We are forever loyal customers of Jim and this group of guys since they have earned our trust and admiration. Thank you guys for your superior service.

rottencujo Google Review

Wow, so fast & friendly!! Also family run :)

Katharin Powers Google Review

They can repair everything wrong with your car, with the exception of the exhaust system. They even sell tires. Sure you can get an oil change a little less expensive elsewhere, but If you want honest service, come here.

Every time I take my vehicles, there is a different lady who tells me just how much they trust Jim and his guys. As a husband and father of three daughters, I struggle with people taking advantage of their general lack of automotive knowledge. It gives me a little peace of mind knowing that so many ladies trust him to take care of them and not take advantage.

One time they replaced a rear light bulb for an older lady for only the cost of the light bulb!

Lee Hebert Google Review

Super job best in sc

Darin Patterson Google Review

Great people and fast, trustworthy help. An all around great experience. Thanks Jim and crew.

crissy mixon Google Review

Jim and the crew are always courteous, I've been going there for 10 years and have never once been disappointed. They always take good care of me. Once I had a light on in my van - turned out to be tire pressure because it was cold. Jim had his guys put air in my tires and sent me on my way, free of charge. His support of the local schools is amazing! Couldn't ask for a better guy to deal with.

Cindy Carner Google Review

They were vevy nice and fast

Jonathan Engle Google Review

I had my AC fixed by these guys and its so cold now I could hang meat in my car and it would freeze it. Ha-ha. They are always quick and polite and they vacuum your car out every oil change. See you in 3k miles.

Kevin Sharpe Google Review

These guys are fast and friendly. I went in yesterday before the cold snap to make sure that my fluids were good. I offered to pay for this service, but they refused. My car started right up this cold morning and I drove with confidence and peace of mind. I highly recommend Shell Rapid Lube in Fort Mill.

Kevin Wilford Google Review

I have been going to this location for the past several years. The customer service and quality of the workmanship here is outstanding!!! The owner of this location runs a very ethical shop and I highly recommend it to anybody.

Phil Ponstein Google Review

This is the only place that I take my car for oil changes. The staff is always friendly, timely, and polite. I went last Saturday morning when I was heading towards the beach because the night before I put too much oil in my car. I told Jim I was concerned about having too much oil and didn't want to blow a gasket (or whatever it's called, obviously I am not mechanically inclined or else I would have put in a quart at a time, will do next time though:). He immediately drove my car in, with my daughters in the back seat, and he was very friendly and polite to them as well. He took out some of the oil, checked my tires and made sure everything was ready for a trip to the beach.

I was so appreciative that he was prompt and courteous, and then asked how much do I owe him. He replied, nothing. Jim is truly a nice person and goes above and beyond to cater to his customer's. I would recommend him to anyone. I have always been pleased with their service and have never had an issue, as sometimes you will find being a woman that mechanics can try to take advantage, by trying to sell me things I don't need just for an extra dollar. But, this is not the case with Jim, he truly has the best intentions for every customer...Thanks Jim!

Cassie Goff Google Review

This Rapid Lube location is by far the best I've ever been to. The customer service is ALWAYS commendable. Jim and his staff are ALWAYS very helpful and provide an A-1 service. I would highly recommend taking your vehicle here for an oil change or even just for an opinion on concerns for your car. They have never steered me wrong. Rapid Lube in Fort Mill ROCKS! Thanks for all the great years of excellent service and for not giving me grief over my football signage on the front of my car...

Tanya Faucett Google Review

This is by far the best oil change service in the Fort Mill area. They are very attentive to making sure that you have the best experience when it comes to oil changes. They are fast and upfront and transparent when it comes to your car's needs. Teachers also get a teacher discount in which I wasn't expecting. Unless we move out of the area, we won't be taking our car in for an oil change to any other place.

Steve Long Google Review

Friendly people, great service. Been going here for about a year, always leave feeling good about the services I had done.

Chuck Thomas Google Review

Very fast and excellent service. Staff very friendly and helpful. I will bring all of my cars here for regulat service. You can trust these people.

Mark Armentrout Google Review

After being treated like an actual customer for something as simple as an oil change, I recently started using Rapid Lube and Service for more significant automotive repairs for my two cars, both of which are more than 10 years old. I have never been disappointed with their work, and have always been relieved at their reasonable estimates and just plain good advice. Most recently my wife pulled into our 'old' service station and got a totally ridiculous estimate for the 'something-sounds-loose-noise' she heard. The next day we drove down to Rapid Lube and got a COMPLETELY different diagnosis of the problem, and the estimate was 30% lower. They had it ready the next day and would you believe the actual cost was the same as the estimate! I only wish I had found them earlier. Thanks guys!

A Google User Google Review

Honestly completely spotless, you could eat off the floor at this lube. Best service ive received at any point getting any oil change. They were very quick, proper and very friendly service. I wasnt pressured to buy anything and they dont try to sell you anything you dont need. Lobby was completely clean, they make you feel like family. Thx guys!! Will recommend this place to friends and family! GO TO SHELL RAPID LUBE!!!

A Google User Google Review

I have been using these guys for about 3 years and they consistently give me great advise and have never taken advantage of me. They have no problem referring you to someone who may have a better price on large repairs. They do have a body shop for larger jobs, repair flats, etc. Excellent service, quick, friendly, great price. ----Jeff L

A Google User Google Review

Jim and his team are great. They're honest and trustworthy and don't try to sell you things you don't need.

I brought in my Civic with a broken door lock cylinder and they installed a replacement in less time than they quoted initially.

They also had two different locksmiths come out to try and rekey my new lock to my existing key and didn't charge me when the locksmiths couldn't rekey the new cylinder. So I have an extra key on my key ring now but it's a non-issue as far as I'm concerned. Jim and the guys went above and beyond for me and I'll be back because of it.

Brendan W. Yelp Review

Exceptional service! I went in for a full synthetic oil change on my Audi. The staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. They did not try to sell me things that I didn't need and they were fairly priced. The oil change itself was very fast, which is usually not the case for the type of car I have. I would definitely recommend them!

Lyndsey P. Yelp Review

Love these guys!!! I can usually get right in. I stopped going to the Goodyear up on 521 because they were always trying to sell me stuff I didn't need. These guys are so nice and down to earth, Love to do business with and talk to.

Robin Y. Yelp Review

The guys here are so nice! They do a great job! I just told them what I needed to be done, pulled my car around and they took it from there. They even gave me $15 off!

Alaina G. Yelp Review

I do not live in Fort Mill anymore but I was in town and my daughter who goes to USC was also there visiting and needed work on her Toyota Scion. The owner told me to come right in and was able to fix the problem that day. I would highly recommend this place for all your car needs.

Barbara V. Yelp Review

These guys are great. I was on the road with 500 miles to get home and I decided I needed an oil change. My car recommends every 10k miles, but I refuse to go more an 5k. I was at 5600 and it was gnawing at me. So I called this place from my hotel room and he gave me the price over the phone and also gave me a free car wash. The price over the phone wasn't fantastic, it was mid to high range. My synthetic changes are usually around $80. The truck takes 6.5 quarts so it is always a few dollars higher than their advertised synthetic change rate. But I did also desperately need to get the salt and sand off of my car from the blizzard I had driven through the night before, so the $10 savings on the car wash for me made the deal a little sweeter. Also, his demeanor over the phone convinced me that this was the place I would trust with my FJ Cruiser, Sanchez. Yes, I named my truck. That's how much I love it and CARE about who touches it.

While sitting in the waiting room I spoke with a few other customers who were in there. These were long term customers...they had been going to this guy for years. They all loved him and trusted him. Even a couple of Bostonian transplants, who are generally distrusting, couldn't say enough nice things.

The owner also came in and spoke with me directly about my car taking a quart and a half more of the synthetic. Which I knew but had forgotten. Everything about the place made me feel like they were handling my truck properly. I can't tell you how different it was from some of the others where I literally stand and watch to make sure they're putting in synthetic and not just charging me for it while dumping in regular oil.

Anyway, they got me right in. No pressure to sell me anything extra (I knew I didn't need it, but these places always seem to push anyway). They got me in and out quickly, charged me $80 and I was on my way with clean oil and a clean exterior and vacuumed interior. It made the last 500 that much less tedious.

Amanda P. Yelp Review

Very nice experience for a first-time customer. Shop is extremely clean, employees and owner were very friendly. Received $5 off from the owner on the oil change, then got a free deluxe car wash after it was done. Of course they try to upsell filters, but all shops do. It was very low-pressure, just something to think about down the road.

All in all, great expeience. Would definitely recommend this shop.

Howling Mad Murdock M. Yelp Review

I guess they saw a chump when Amy came in. Too bad, as this is a really great place that does efficient service. I did not experience any selling...not a bit. I asked for an oil change and to check the tire pressures. They did just that plus vacuumed the car and did check the other fluids, topping off my washer fluid.

Filters need to be changed when they are dirty. Depending on use the filters can last a year, more of less. it is reasonable that her filter did need to be changed at 3 months. She should have asked to see the dirty filter. That is good advice in any case.

Poor Amy. Will go back and ask if they remember her to hear the 'rest of the story.'

Today was my first experience there and I will go back. A very nice bunch of local guys.

The owner worked there for 9 years and then did some roaming around, finally returning home and buying the operation. He knows how the operation can run, saw the potential and bought it. Even his oil guys are clean and in uniforms.

I'm coming back.

Mitch K. Yelp Review

You will hear all kind of reviews on the internet but I whole heartily recommend this company to everybody in the Fort Mill area. They are very honest and do an excellent job. You will find them friendly and more than willing to help you. I have used them for a long time to service all of our families vehicles and used them for mechanic work. It is hard to find a oil change and mechanic service that won't try to take advantage of you these days. You will find that at Shell Rapid Lube in Fort Mill. It is always a pleasure working with them and I have never received anything but the best professional service. You will be happy you used them as well.

Ron L. Yelp Review

I travel over 70,000 miles/year and for over 3 years now, Jim and his team have done a fantastic job keeping me on the road. I do not buy new vehicles and they have never disappointed me or left me stranded on a highway. Jim tells me like it is and backs up everything his work with support and fair prices.
Ken/Clover, SC

Ken L. YellowPages Review

This is a great place. Great people and great service. I would highly recommend Shell Rapid Lube.

novellas YellowPages Review

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